Richard Heller has spent most of his life on horseback, skis, bike, or on foot in California’s High Sierras, Alaska, Mexico. In recent years, he has included hiking and writing during pilgrimages to the Highlands of Scotland, furthering his perspective. 

A farrier and blacksmith for forty years, he spent seven of those first years working with troubled children as a horseback-riding instructor. 


A a writer, Heller’s subject matter is diverse, ranging from poetry to technical writing for the horse industry. 


A a sculptor, his bronze works are as varied as his writing, from a Holocaust survivor to a wolf looking up into a tree. 

Artist Statement

Walking into my studio, I put pen to the blank page, or my hands on the raw stone, steel, or clay. What comes next is what comes next, making the unknown known. 

My interpretation of my art is only one perspective. No one needs my permission to see sculpture or poetry in a way that pleases or moves them. It is a compliment for me if one finds their own words through mine, if a child is drawn to touch one of my sculptures, or a dog barks or growls at a piece. 

Whether we are actors, musicians, painters, writers, or sculptors, the responsibility to put our hands, metaphorically speaking, into the clay is ours and ours alone.


I only pray that it is for the good of humankind. 

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