by Richard Heller

Road Scholar Publishing Group, 2011

Blueprints is book about life—particularly, the author's life, which started out loveless and put him alone at the age of 16. (The first line of the book: In April 1952, I was born; a sad day for my mother, father and me.) He skipped school beginning in the second grade and learned to read and write by reading lines of scripts for actors in a park in L.A. He eventually learned horseshoeing, and was a farrier for 40 years in Los Angeles.

Written as a fictional autobiography, the book is about making a place in life, no matter where or when you begin—your own blueprints for life. The book is intense, humorous, painfully honest, and personal.

— Timothy Acker, Attorney; Author of

Pirates, Scoundrels and Saints: Paraiso;

Pirates, Scoundrels and Saints: Vengeance

With unblinking honesty, Blueprints offers, chapter by chapter, an unforgettable search for self that's painful, humorous, loving and astonishing at every turn. Every story told is rich with human detail, wonderful surprise. Using the theme of remodeling a home, Richard Heller's "Alan" gradually rebuilds himself and his work. We, as readers, are privileged to witness a life revealed with Heller's authenticity and depth.

— Holly Prado Northup, Poet

Author of

Oh,Salt/Oh, Desiring Hand

Cahuenga Press, 2013

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A wonderful, odd book, Blueprints is the story of a ferocious heart determined to open to the world—all of the world—no matter what the odds or obstacles. At turns deeply painful and very funny, tragic and goofy, Heller pulls the reader into a life fully lived.

— Ronald Sharrin, PhD

Perry Woodfin