by Richard Heller

Plicata Press, 2019

The Tatanka Oyate (Buffalo People) believe we all have a place in The Circle and that the entirety of our perceptions will be formed by our vantage point within this circle.


Richard Heller’s sculptures, short stories, and poems in From the Circle is his attempt to share what he sees. He hopes the reader will find this book to be at times raw, other times loving or humorous, and always honest.

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The poetry, sculptures, and stories in From the Circle introduce the reader to dogs, horses, wildlife, places, and people who have impacted Heller’s life—intimately, profoundly, or simply in passing. 

Heller takes us through life on a commune as a young adult, his 40-year career as a farrier, and his experiences as a blacksmith, hiker, skier, husband, father, author, and sculptor in California, Alaska, Scotland, and his current home in Washington State.

Images of the author and of his sculptures interspersed among the poems and stories allow an intimate experience as readers contemplate their own place in The Circle.


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